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Planning & Zoning

Conditional Use Application

Development Permit Application

Variance Application

Vacation/Short-Term Rental Registration

Subdivision Application

Property Line Adjustment Application

Property Split Review Application

Comp Plan

Cover & Acknowledgements

Comp Plan with Photos Adopted 10-2017

Ordinance 285 Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance 

Adopted April 9, 2019

Ordinance 300 Amending Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance 285 
Adopted June 13,, 2023

Ordinance 291 text amendment to Ord. 285 Adopted July 14, 2020

Ordinance 292 Amend Official East Hope Zoning Map

Adopted July 14, 2020

Resolution 156 East Hope Zoning Map

Adopted July 14, 2020

Exhibit A Zoning Map

Adopted July 14, 2020

Building Permit Applications are available at city hall (110 School Road, East Hope) or at James A Sewell and Associates in Sandpoint (1319 North Division Avenue)

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