East Hope Street Department

East Hope Quiet Zone

The City of East Hope's street department is responsible for ensuring the safe movement of people on East Hope roads.  The street department is responsible for the following areas:

Road & Street Maintenance

Snow & Ice Removal

Stormwater Management

Street Lighting


Speed Limits

The City of East Hope established a Railroad Quiet Zone in the fall of 2017 on Centennial Blvd. (Business Loop 200).  After a long 2 years and with the support and donations of area residents and the perserverance of the council the City was able to establish a railroad quiet zone which ceased most of the whistles on passing trains.  With the increase in train traffic this has brought a little peace and quiet to the area.

East Hope Street Department

Street Map
Annual Street Financial Report 2019

East Hope City Park

The City is in the beginning phase to developing a city park.  The park will be located across from the "Old Hope School" and will expand upon the David Thompson Memorial that already exists.  A base plan has be approved and the City is currently seeking grants to fund the project.  Key objectives for the park design was low maintenance with added elements of history.  This area is rich in history and to be able to share that with the community and passerby's was important.

East Hope Transportation Plan

A copy can be requested at City Hall.

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